Bug In My Eye

Nations on Fire

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It's been buggin´ me ever since I was a kid
that cruelty-egoistic struggle for land
a young boy like me, I couldn't understand…
Sabbra and Chattila:
Massmurder in these camps what
I saw on TV back then,
I just can't forget racial segregation,
like in a fascist state backed up by the U.S. government,
full support in return for military and political influence
did anyone expect anything else?
Did you?
Did you or what?
Come on, think with me!
Let's figure it all out…
stealin´ land-based upon a god-given right
image someone taking over your town today
a right based upon thousands of year old writings
and of course, because they are "God'S Chosen People",
haha well it just ain't that funny, man
the state of Israel sucks
I say give those Palestinians back what belongs to them
the Israeli policies haven been buggin´ me,
man, like a bug in my eye
if only people would be better informed and of course,
if they cared to stop this kind of painful tragedy
well maybe there's something we can do Out!
Of Palestina Out! Of the Westbank Out!
None of your business Out!
You have no right Out!
Over and fucking out!

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